Other as a Journal


Guest Editor
Viktoras Bachmetjevas

Kotryna Lingienė

The issue explores the origins of otherness as a counterpoint to identity and will reflect on various meanings of Other: the other person as a source of moral responsibility in moral philosophy, the other as a threat in migration politics, the other as a non-human being (animal, but also alien), the other within the human body – both as an organism (viruses, bacteria, etc.) and a voice (demons, conscience, etc.). The issue’s guest editor Viktoras Bachmetjevas is a philosopher with an interest in ethics, and specifically the thoughts of Emmanuel Lévinas and Søren Kierkegaard.


Viktoras Bachmetjevas

Myself  as the Other: Schutz and Gurwitsch on Strangers, Refugees and Homecomers
Saulius Geniušas

The Unintentional (Therefore, Even Sadder) Increased of Othering of the Other in Paris is Burning
Genna Rivieccio

Producing the Unsayable: On the Future of the Love of Language
Clayton Bohnet

The Others of Emmanuel Levinas
Viktoras Bachmetjevas

Me, My Hearing Aid, and the Audio World
Žygimantas Menčenkovas

Toward Xenopolis
Krzysztof Czyżewski

Otherness and Ontology of Luck Among Animist People
Donatas Brandišauskas

The Angelology Professor (A Short Story)
Gintaras Beresnevičius

And How Does the Fungus Feel About This?
Kotryna Lingienė talks to Šarūnas Petrauskas

I See Them Passing By
Artūras Morozovas

The Resurrected Wife
An anonymous, early twentieth-century story written in Azeri Turkish, translated and commented by David Selim Sayers

Welcoming the Unknown
David F. Hoinski

English Language Editor  Gemma Lloyd

Issue Design  Jurgis Griškevičius