Silver Girls


Šelda Puķīte, Indrek Grigor

The book Silver Girls. Retouched History of Photography has been published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title in the Tartu Art Museum, Estonia (12.07.–7.09.2020). The book brings together ten early women photographers from the geographical region of Latvia and Estonia. However, rather than a historical overview, the book is a loving look at the life and work of the assembled authors and cherishes the role that lost and forgotten heritage plays in culture.

In order to showcase this heritage, the book and the exhibition feature works by three contemporary artists. These rely on the lost and the forgotten while proving that even though works of art can be physically destroyed, they still continue to influence our current culture. Manuscripts don’t burn and, thus, like ghosts, archives will continue to come back from the future to find somebody to talk to.

Designer: Alexey Murashko
Translators: Liene Linde, Peeter Talvistu
Publishers: Tartu Art Museum / Blind Carbon Copy
Year: 2020
Cover: Soft
Pages: 176
320mm x 230mm
The text is in three languages: EE, LV, ENG