Mindaugas Gapševičius

A book Mailia about a conversation between a human and a machine, and the power of hybrid poetry, enhanced by AI. Who the hell is better? A human, a machine? I believe that both contribute individually, and there is no longer any separation between a human and a machine. Welcome to the hybrid world!

This book includes Mailia software, which was released a dozen years ago, and along with it, the README file, including the concept of the project, the INSTALL instructions for installing the software on a personal server, and the GoogleSearch.wsdl file, an instruction file for the Google search engine. The book also includes part of the feedback-loop thread of emails from the Rhizome mailing list and the text about the Mailia project, written by me in 2016.

Viršelis: kietas
Puslapiai: 240
Redaktorė: Elizabeth McTernan
Tiražas: 200
Dizainerė: Brigita Kasperaitė
ISBN: 978-609-96084-1-9
Leidėjas: Institutio Media