Estonian Art: The Photography Issue 2/2019


Annika Toots

Estonian Art is a biannual English language magazine dedicated to art, design and architecture that has been published by the Estonian Institute since 1997. It represents through its board the primary art institutions in Estonia.

The Photography Issue features Aap Tepper, Anneli Porri, Paul Kinnet, a write-up on Estonia’s contemporary art fair Foto Tallinn, and more.

Published by Estonian Institute
Editorial Board: Triin Ojari, Marten Esko, Katrin Maiste, Kaarin Kivirahk, Elnara Taidre, Kadi Polli, Kadri Laas, Kai Lobjakas.
Editor: Annika Toots
Graphic Design: Jaan Evart, Ott Kagovere
Language Editor: Michael Haagensen
Translator: Mari Volens
Printed at: Tallinn Book Printers
215 x 300 mm
64 pages
ISSN 1406-3549