Bookstore and magazine also occasionally publishes books about contemporary art and its processes.

From 2019 a series of books devoted to the analysis of art writing as a phenomenon is being published. In 2019 a book about the phenomenon of art criticism „Choreografija: meno rašymas

šiuolaikinėje dailės kritikoje“ (Choreography: Art Writing in Contemporary Art Criticism) by Danutė Gambickaitė was released. And in 2022 a book edited by Valentinas Klimašauskas „Žodžiai, žodžiai, žodžiai arba Lietuvos menininkų tekstai” (Words, words, words or Lithuanian artists’ texts) about the phenomenon of art and artists’ writing in the last three decades was presented. has also published artists’ albums: series of photographs “Criminal Landscapes” by Ugnius Gelguda and series of photographs “Soldier’s Diaries” by Gintaras Zinkevičius.